Got hit on Sunday, need some advice

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Got hit on Sunday, need some advice

So, some idiot ran a red and hit me, I am unbroken but sore. The bike is damaged badly and I am sure the insurance company will total it.

I will get about $1600 for the total and the insurance company keeps the bike.
I will get about $1100 if I salvage the bike.

It needs a new engine, the right side stator(?) case is broken and has two pieces broken off. right side front turn signal, seat, pipes, front fender: the list goes on.

However, new tires, battery and the engine internals are good. I could probably get some money from the repair shop selling it to them for parts. I think it is worth more than $500, as is.

Then, what about the issue of this guy nearly killing me? The pain I am in due to it and I missed a day of work, so far. Monday I went in and opened the store. I left to go to the hospital at noon, could not do anything, stand sit or work on cars with out pain.

I have a solid witness, guy in the car behind me, and Traffic camera caught it, and there is a Police report, and he was issued a citation.

Is there any possibility I could sue him and/or his insurance company? Would I stand to get enough to buy another bike?

I have never had to go through this before, fortunately, but now, I am at a loss.

Thanks in advance, for any help.
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Re: Got hit on Sunday, need some advice

Contact an attorney!!!!!!!!!!! As for the bike, if you think the engine components are worth $500.00, keep it.
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Re: Got hit on Sunday, need some advice

First, be grateful to be alive and not seriously injured!

Second, what Tools said, contact a lawyer and see what they say about it.

Third, take the $1600, hit up CL and pick up a rider. Any rider. Just to have a saddle to finish up the season. Or.... You can get a really nice dirt bike for $1600 and ride all winter!

Fourth, good luck!
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