Steel Dragon Airbox jet question

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Steel Dragon Airbox jet question

Hello all,

82 750k and the airbox is such a hassle when trying to put the carbs back in. Plus its ugly. I saw this from steel dragon and decided to order one. Its kind of a hybrid pods and stock airbox. But im not sure what my jets are supposed to be.

According to this website

It says  four Main jets size 108 , four Pilot jets size 38 and 2 shim for each Slide Needle.

But im not sure if thats right or not.

I also was wondering if later on I add a 4 into 1 exhaust what would my sizes be running both the 4into1 plus this steel dragon airbox.

Last but not least for right now how the hell do I get the boots 2 and 3 onto the carb from the airbox. There is basically no space to get them attached from the airbox to the carb.
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Re: Steel Dragon Airbox jet question

Exhaust changes rarely require rejetting. The exhaust does not affect the tuning like the intake tract does. As for what jets to use? Good question. There is no chart you can go to to look it up. There are too many variables involved for something so simple. Put the airbox on and start doing plug chops. Who knows, you might get lucky and get it without taking the carbs on and off several dozen times to change jets. However do understand that it is not the jetting that is the reason the CV carbs do not like pods. It is the way they work with the pressure differences between the two sides of the intake tract. If you really want to do away with the airbox I would suggest you get a set of CR's.
If the carbs are clean and working properly, you should not have to remove them for years after getting them installed, so doing the airbox rubbers should only need to be done once. The best advice I have is to get new (soft) boots, and I work them on with a bent phillips screwdriver.
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Re: Steel Dragon Airbox jet question

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Hi, its some years since I had the same problem getting the boots on, but I think I removed the battery to allow me to shift the airbox back some more, and pushing the boots as far forward onto the carbies first, gave me the gap I needed.
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